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Invoice Manager - Invoicing Software for Small and Medium Business
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27 August 2013

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As businesses become more globalised and diverse, the need for efficient workforce and flexible processes is required for catering to ever volatile markets and competition. Companies require applications that are multifaceted and user friendly. Computer software have evolved majorly over time to cater to varying demands of different sectors that includes businesses and personal usage and specialists have created applications that have varied use and one such application is Invoice Manager 2.0.8 that scores over many of its counterparts owing to its flexible features and simple working and proves to be of valuable assistance to small and medium sized business units.

Invoice Manager opens with a smartly arranged interface with the main options located at the top pane that involves a host of functionalities assisting businesses with print quotations, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes, and product and service database. Further, the software also supports barcode reader and PDF along with e-mail and letters and a report, further it facilitates record payments, supports nine languages and also has provision for barcode printing. The exclusive feature list of the software includes, creating, saving, e-mailing and printing invoices, and customer statements. Moreover, it customizes the invoices too by adding company logo, registration and VAT number along with the e-mail and web page addresses. Also, the application supports facility to maintain stock control and ensures issuance of invoices on products out of stock. The software is an absolute must for businesses wanting to have cost effective solution for their processes.

After reviewing the application we can safely state that Invoice Manager 2.0.8 is feature rich application and certainly deserves a rating score of four points owing to its user friendly interface and multiple tools that are of immense use to business professionals and is cost effective too at the same time.

Publisher's description

Invoice Manager - Invoicing Software for Small and Medium Business. Print quotations, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes. Customer, product and service database, supports barcode reader, email, PDF, letters, labels, reports. Print statements, Record payments, Run multiple companies, Supports 9 languages and localized for 29 countries.Support barcode recognition (with a barcode reader) and barcode printing.
Billing Features
- Make, print, save, email or save as PDF invoices, delivery notes, quotations, credit notes and customer statements.
- Quotations and Invoices support product and service layout
- Use product quotations and invoices with barcode reader to automatically enter items and control product stock level
- Customize invoice, quotation and credit note: add company logo, VAT number, registration number, telephone number, web address, email address, payment terms text and customer order number, add optional delivery price
- Option to print barcode on invoices (encoded invoice number)
- Multi-page invoices, credit notes, quotations, delivery notes and payments
- Select from 3 level of configurable VAT / GST codes (for example A: 0%, B: 15% C: 5%)
- Apply discounts if needed
- Invoices, credit notes and payments automatically adjust customer account balance and product stock level
- View and work with saved invoices, credit notes, quotations and payments
Email and PDF Support
- Invoices, quotations, credit notes, account statements and customer letters can be sent by Email as HTML or PDF attachment
- Save to PDF feature does not require any external PDF print drivers.
- Email support does not use any external mail clients
Stock Control
- Maintain products list with product code, description, price and quantity
- Control product stock level (record adjustments in and out), optionally with barcode
- Product stock reduced as invoices issued.
- User cannot issue invoices on products out of stock
Invoice Manager
Invoice Manager
Version 2.1.32
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